September 22nd 2013, Geneva, Switzerland

Statement delivered by Dr Anna Barchetti Durisch at the United Nations HRC; General Debate on Human Rights. (Watch the video)

“Mr President, Excellencies,

if we look back at the past near half century after the establishment of the UN HR mechanism,
we can surely see the amount of achievements in terms of recommendations and support displayed by both the Treaty and the Charter based bodies together with the High Commissioners and their offices –

– for the last twenty years, tirelessly analyzing, suggesting, publicizing, traveling, denouncing … even dying for the defense of the human rights.

Thanks to this very efficient monitoring system we realize that virtually every single Country has past -and present- records of abuses.

As a human being I feel ashamed of the situation…

Mr President, Excellencies

Why are human rights violations committed?
Greed and ignorance.

Let us face the truth: our society is barbaric, our civilization is not civilized,
we are often not human, not loving, not joyful.
That is why human rights abuses are there.
Because the fundamental Human Right, the right to love and to be loved is almost always neglected, oftentimes even denied.

Mr President, Excellencies

I am calling here for a human rights mechanism able not just to monitor and report,

but to research and educate Governments and peoples,

on the social, economic and human benefits of a human rights based development.

All this is not a matter of human rights,
it’s a matter of Awareness.

I thank you Mr President.”

Dr Anna Barchetti Durisch, UN statement