March 17th 2013, Geneva, Switzerland

Statement on education delivered by Dr Anna Barchetti Durisch at the United Nations HRC; General Debate on all Human Rights, including the Right to Development. (Watch the video)

“Mr President, 

in the context of the right to development and right to education,
I would like to speak about empowerment.

I call for the promotion of an Education for Life –

empowerment programs revolving around awareness; not just knowledge,
not just economic growth and success, but around happiness;
not competition and ambition, but around love and humility.

Without humility, Mr President, we cannot learn anything.

The seed does not become a tree just with water and sunlight. It needs a soil.
Likewise education alone is not enough.
An empowerment process is needed to bring forth a society capable of advancing, happier and more aware.

Especially in case of armed conflicts, poverty, natural disasters, where it’s not possible to materially change the situation overnight, that is where more aware and happier society is needed to tackle better difficult situations, to be more cooperative and acceptive.
Therefore, I emphasize, it is in the interest of every government to empower its people.

Mr President, I call all the Governments to provide an Education for Life,

education for happiness to their people, in every possible country specific way –

through public seminars, school curricula, through communities, tribe leaders or religious leaders.

My organization and myself are available for any kind of support, either technical or content related.

What is the use of education and development, if there is no awareness and happiness.

What’s the use of the wheels if there is no road.

I thank you.”

Anna Barchetti Durisch, UN